A Perfect Provenance

A Perfect Provenance

Wines, Champagnes and spirits need to be stored and aged under perfect conditions, in order to fully express their potential when opened.

Big French Bottle sources all its Wines, Champagnes and Spirits exclusively in direct provenance from the Estates.

Even for an older vintage, The Big French Bottle will have been stored in just two locations: the original producer’s cellar, and at La Cave du Château, Paris, where the conditions are maintained ideally all year long (15 Celsius degrees and 70% hygrometric).

This practice allows us to propose our Big French Bottles, fully confident that they have been perfectly preserved, from the bottling day at the Estate until their delivery to you!

Special packagings using foam are also used for deliveries: the foam isolates the Big French Bottle from temperature differences, and from vibrations. If a Big French Bottle is delivered with its Original Wooden Case, two layers of foam will even be used, both inside and outside of the wooden Case !

Les vins proviennent directement des châteaux
Wines come directly from the châteaux
(Unless otherwise indicated)
Des conditions de stockage parfaites dans nos chais
Perfect storage conditions in our cellars
Paiement sécurisé
Secure payment
Livraison rapide et efficace garantie partout dans le monde
Quick efficient delivery guaranteed all over the world
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